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Refurbished OneAC UPS Systems

GDF Technologies is one of North America's leading suppliers of power protection devices and Battery Backup Power Protection Products. We ship to the  USA and the 10 Canadian Provinces. We sell both new & refurbished UPS's. All of our refurbished products are remanufactured with brand-new batteries and covered by our one-year standard warranty.

We know that selecting the right UPS is not an easy task for some, thus we provide support for those who need it. Our power backup specialists are ready to assist. You can contact us at 514-252-8324 or via email.

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$243.99 CAD

ONEAC Sinergy S II Series 700-3000 VA UPS The absolute reliability and availability of Sinergy S II on-line double conversion UPSs provide steady output no matter how unstable the mains become. The Sinergy S II Series features advanced communications, TVSS and scaleable battery backup protection. Model Input-Output Voltage (VAC) Load Power (VA) Size (in.) (H x W x D) Shipping...