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Our service division  provides a variety of services for the smallest users to data centers. We have certified UPS technicians and data center designer’s specialist who can help you through the process.

Provided is a detailed list of just some of the on-site audits by our technicians

Certified Maintenance:


  • Functional verification

During each preventive maintenance, our technician will perform tests to

ensure that the system is functioning properly according to manufacturer's specifications, which helps solve problems before they even arise.


  • Replacing Consumables

Air filters to the cylinders humidifiers via the belts, pulleys and contactors. GDF will identify all parts of the system due to expire, and that will need to be replaced or repaired, due to everyday usage.


  • Micro Software Updates

All preventive maintenance contracts offered by GDF include updates to micro software.


  • Environmental Inspection

Our technician will perform a site inspection to ensure that your system is installed in a suitable and safe environment and thus detect conditions that would likely cause damage to your equipment.


  • Corrective maintenance

As part of its preventive maintenance service, GDF proactively schedules maintenance visits to resolve problems detected during preventive maintenance.




  • 24x7 Option

Adding to our daily 8-5 opening hours, the 24x7 option helps GDF answer your particular needs by scheduling preventive maintenance visits outside normal business hours. We work with you to determine how and

when maintaining or repairing your system will affect your business productivity the least.


  • ASC-UPS Calibration (required for new batteries)

Calibration logical values must be correctly set before use. This means that our technician uses diagrams provided by the manufacturer to correctly set the logical values ​​to the values ​​required by the equipment to ensure high quality operation with new batteries. This enables the optimal use of batteries by the equipment and also extends the battery life for a longer period (up to 5 years).

GDF Technologies offers support services on all major systems of battery manufacturers. We perform complete tests on charge and discharge performance.

Battery replacement support services and UPS offered:

  • Emergency repair
  • Preventive Maintenance Agreement
  • Expert Diagnostic Service
  • Remote Battery Monitoring
  • Repair Shop
  • Rack
  • Battery Drawers
  • Battery Cabinets
  • Performance Test
  • Checking tension

Our philosophy for the maintenance and replacement of the UPS battery is designed to detect and correct potential problems before they become harmful and they cause the system to fail and jeopardize your critical systems. Over 90% of failures connected to the inverter are caused by an error of the battery. Thus, during the inspection of the UPS batteries we look for leaks, cracks and sulfation, to name a few common problems. The temperature, voltage, impedance and capacity are measured, monitored and analyzed.