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APC Battery RBC11 made by GDFUPS

$348.99 CAD

APC Replacement Battery Cartridge #11 - UPS battery - lead acid

Model: RBC11
Model Description:
RBC11Battery Pack
Warranty: 1 Year Replacement Warranty
Condition: New

All battery packs sold by GDF are made with high quality long life batteries. These batteries are designed to handle UPS loads and are tried and tested to meet and exceed manufacturer's specifications. All batteries that we sell are the same high quality batteries we provide with our UPS systems.

Compatibility: APC SU1400RMXLNET , APC SU1400RMXLTNET, APC SU1400XLTNET, APC SU2000, APC SU2200, APC SU2200BX120, APC SU2200NET, APC SU2200RM, APC SU2200RMNET, APC SU2200RMXL, APC SU2200RMXLT, APC SU2200US, APC SU2200X106, APC SU2200X111, APC SU2200X115, APC SU2200X179, APC SU2200X180, APC SU2200X93, APC SU2200XL, APC SU2200XLNET, APC SU2200XLTNET, APC SU2200XLTX153, APC SU24XLBP, APC SU3000, APC SU3000NET , APC SU3000RM, APC SU3000RMNET, APC SU3000RMX93, APC SU3000US, APC SU48XLBP


All Uninterruptible power supplies and associated components are fully restored to the highest standards by our UPS certified technicians at our service center. GDF Technologies is an uninterruptible power supplies services specialist located in Montreal, Canada. For any questions - please give us a call or send an email and we will respond quickly to your inquiries. We are also able to answer any technical questions and can help you determine which specific product is suitable for you or your enterprise.

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