500VA 300W 120V Line-Interactive UPS
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500VA 300W 120V Line-Interactive UPS

Code de produit : SMART500RT1U

1U rack-mount UPS offers complete power protection for small network applications, including telecom,security and digital signage.



500VA/300W/120V Battery Backup for PC Networks, Security Systems or Digital SignageThe SmartPro® line-interactive SMART500RT1U UPS system with AVR protection provides reliablebattery backup and AC power protection against blackouts, brownouts, surges and line noise that candamage valuable electronics or destroy data. The 120V battery backup is ideal protection for point-of-saleand kiosk applications, a small business VoIP network, or rack-mount equipment in your server room ornetwork closet.Allows Time to Back Up Critical Files During a BlackoutBackup support allows you to work through short power failures and gives you enough time to safely savefiles and shut down your system in case of a prolonged blackout. Backup time varies according to load,but the line-interactive UPS system should keep a half load (150W) powered as long as 14 minutes and afull load (300W) up to three minutes.6 NEMA Outlets Protect Your Connected ComponentsSix 5-15R outlets provide battery backup, 567 joules of network-grade surge protection and voltageregulation for your crucial components. Five outlets are UPS-supported, and one is surge-only to connectperipherals not requiring battery backup. One UPS-supported outlet is switchable, allowing you to powerits connected device on and off remotely to reset or reboot it or to shed a less significant load to extendbattery runtime for more critical equipment.Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) Corrects Low-Voltage ConditionsAVR protects your equipment from incremental hardware damage, data loss and performance problemscaused by brownouts. The SMART500RT1U maintains regulated 120V nominal output during brownoutsas low as 90V, while keeping the battery fully charged and ready to take over in case of power failure. Thefast-to-recharge internal batteries are field-replaceable and hot-swappable.Optional WEBCARDLX Network Interface Offers 24/7 AccessAn accessory slot accommodates the optional Java-free HTML5-based WEBCARDLX interface (soldseparately), which enables full remote access for site power and UPS status monitoring, configuration,control and email notifications via secure web browser, SNMP, telnet or SSH. It supports 10/100 Mbpsauto-sensing for optimal communication with an Ethernet network. Automated alerts help preventHighlightsProtects equipment againstblackouts, brownouts, transientsurges and line noise?Keeps AC power running duringblackouts to allow time for filesaves and safe shutdown?Maintains continuous 120Vnominal output duringbrownouts as low as 90V?6 NEMA 5-15R outlets powerand protect networking, telecomand other sensitive equipment?Optional WEBCARDLX networkinterface allows you 24/7 remoteaccess from anywhere?ApplicationsDeliver battery-derived ACoutput to connected equipmentin a network closet or smallbusiness network?Protect point-of-sale and VoIPnetworks against power surgesand spikes?Operate essential equipmentduring short-term power outagesusing battery backup power?Shut down desktop PCs andother equipment without dataloss during long-term poweroutages?Package IncludesSMART500RT1U 500VA 300W120V Line-Interactive UPS?? USB cable? DB9 cable? EPO cable? Rack-mounting hardware? Owner’s manual1 / 5Specificationsaccidental overloads, power loss and downtime.Premium Protection from EMI/RFI Line Noise Helps Your Equipment Perform BetterThis UPS system filters out disruptive electromagnetic and radio frequency interference that can inflicthardware damage or data loss. This EMI/RFI filtering also helps your connected components performbetter and last longer.Designed for High Efficiency to Help You Save Money and Protect the EnvironmentA 97% efficiency rating reduces BTU emissions, energy consumption and, ultimately, your energy costs.LED Indicators and Audible Alarms Keep You InformedFive front-panel LEDs keep you apprised of line power, battery power, overload, voltage regulation andbattery low/replace status at a glance. A multi-function alarm sounds to warn you of power failure,overload and low-battery conditions.Advanced Communications Ports Allow for Automatic Saves and ShutdownsRS-232 and HID-compliant USB ports connect to a computer running Tripp Lite’s free downloadablePowerAlert® software to enable safe unattended shutdown in case of a prolonged power failure. The EPOport supports emergency shutdown in large facilities. Cables are included.Versatile Installation OptionsHardware is included for mounting the UPS in 1U of space in an EIA-standard 19-inch 2-port or 4-postrack or in an upright tower position. The 10-foot power cord with NEMA 5-15P plug connects to anycompatible AC outlet. 

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  • Type de technologie du UPS : En interaction avec le réseau (Line-Interactive)
  • Capacité d'alimentation (VA / kVA) : 500
  • Types d'ondes : Onde Sinus Modifiée
  • Nombre de phases : Monophasés
  • État de l'équipement : Neuf
  • Quantité disponible : 0